Admissions Policy and Procedures

CCS implements a selective admissions policy.  While we desire to service as many students as possible, often we do not have adequate space or resources to do so effectively.

Admission to CCS is primarily based on the following criteria:

  • Available space—Admission is subject to available space in a classroom as well as the overall number of classrooms available to the school.
  • Available resources—Our school is prepared to address the needs of most, but not all students.  Students who require special resources or considerations that extend beyond the common classroom setting will not be admitted.
  • We will not accept 9th-12th grade students transferring from public school.
  • A student must turn 5 years of age before December 31 to be eligible for Kindergarten enrollment.
  • Entrance exam scores—Students applying for admission to grades 2 – 12 must take the entrance exam.  The admissions committee will review the exam results to determine if our school can meet the educational needs of the applicant.
  • Cooperation of parents and students—Admission depends on the willingness of the parents (or guardians) and students to adhere to the policies of the school.
  • Statement of faith—Parents and students must support the school’s Statement of Faith.
  • Interview—Parents of prospective students must participate in a pre-admission interview at the school.

Procedures for admission:

  • Acquire a Student Handbook from the school office or download one here.
  • Set up interview appointment with school administrator.
  • We will schedule entrance exam date.
  • We will review the results of the entrance exam and interview notes and contact you by phone regarding our decision.
  • If accepted, an appointment will be scheduled for you to come in and fill out enrollment papers.

Once admission is granted the student will be automatically qualified for re-enrollment for subsequent school years provided that he or she remains in good standing with the school.

There is a $25.00 testing fee for each student who was previously enrolled at any educational institution that did not use ACE curriculum (2nd-12th Grades). This fee must be paid prior to testing and is non-refundable.

There is a $75.00 yearly registration fee for all students. This fee must be paid by August 1st of each year and is non-refundable.

All new students will be placed under a 90 day trial period.

Pre-registration is usually the first week in May.  Check our calendar or call us at (706) 629-7430 to confirm.