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October 2022 Dear Parents, Paper products are an ongoing need throughout the school year.  Please help as much and as often as possible.  (3 oz./5 oz. cups, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, etc.)  Also, help with disinfectant wipes & spray is much appreciated. As the weather changes, people start getting sick.  If your [...]

Monthly Scripture

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October Scripture for grades 6th-10th is due on Monday, Oct. 24 and grades 1st-5th is due on Tuesday, Oct. 25.  Please help your child study. 1st Grade:  Romans 10: 9-11 2nd-5th Grades:  Matthew 5: 11-16 6th-10th Grades:  Matthew 5: 11-16  For more information contact us at or call 706.629.7430.

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